Happy New Year

I created a new Liero3D Mod to celebrate the new year.
The mod contains weapons such as roman candles, rockets, mortars and repeaters. The video below shows them in action.
To create this mod, several changes needed to be made to the weapon and projectile system, and also gave me some ideas on how to better implement the modding system to be as flexible as possible.


Word Generator

The Word Generator is an application to generate random words or names. It can be fully configured to use certain letters, vowel/consonant patterns, syllable count and much more. This allows setting it up to generate words and names that have the "nature" of a certain language/culture. All settings can be saved to profiles to allow maintaining multiple sets of configurations.

The generator can also "learn" the patterns and letter usage in existing words to configure itself. Doing so will allow generating more words/names that are similar to the input.

Word Generator



I added tessellation capabilities to the game engine, the video below shows a comparison between regular bump mapping and tessellation+displacement mapping.
I am still working on creating an effective dynamic LOD solution, which will allow dynamic adjustment of an object's detail based on the distance from the camera.


NovelStatsTracker v0.4.1

A minor update which fixes some content in the readme file. The readme is now in html for better readability.

Download NovelStatsTracker v0.4.1


Liero3D - Lasers!

Liero3D now features laser weapons! The above image shows me making a sweeping motion along a dirt hill. I currently only have the classic red beam, but any colour, width and length is possible.


NovelStatsTracker v0.4

The NovelStatsTracker version 0.4 is out, and now features an export to .CSV option. This allows you to export your progress and load it into Excel or other spreadsheet software.
Besides this, I did some internal reorganisation and fixes some small bugs.

Download NovelStatsTracker v0.4


NovelStatsTracker v0.3

The NovelStatsTracker is an application that keeps track of your progress on a writing project. Its idea is based on the NaNoWriMo website, but it can be used for any writing project, anytime.
Multiple projects can be created and managed, and a graph shows a visual representation of a project's progress and goal.

Download NovelStatsTracker v0.3

Feel free to use the comments section to post bugs or request features!